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It’s kind of ironic that “Vermont” is French for green mountain, but the time that everyone goes here for is the fall when they’re orange and red. I thought that I had missed the good colours but I found some great pockets of foliage. I highly recommend the Scenes of Vermont blog where they have a foliage section and people give daily updates on where the colours are. You can also find official foliage prediction maps.

Vermont map

I went east past Montreal (stopping to get some shots of St. Joseph’s Oratory prior to the multi-year renovations that will be happening on the dome) to get to Danville for the snow geese migration. I was too early, but I had a nice poutine and got to go to a local winery so it wasn’t a total loss. I was unlucky with the weather at the beginning as a storm had gone through the northeastern area the day before and the leaves had fallen. Then it rained for an entire day the next day. But after that I had great weather and fall colours. I was expecting more scenic overlooks on the side of the highway but most of them involve steep hikes. I wouldn’t recommend the overly touristy areas around Stowe; tour buses, line-ups/crowds, high prices. The back roads and other small towns are much more enjoyable. It was always surprising how small the towns and cities are, and how short the driving distances are. The wineries were just ok, although the whites and sweet reds were nice. Most of the cheese seemed to be cheddar but I probably didn’t see all of the options.

Oct14_2019_A7R2 (894)-edit-edit
Nichol’s Ledge. Be really careful if you come up here; the ledge is dangerous and it’s in the middle of nowhere. Make sure someone knows where you’re going and when you should be back.


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Moss Glen Falls near Granville (you have to specify because there are two Moss Glen Falls in Vermont). One of the most famous sets of falls in Vermont and only a short walk from the main road.
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Blueberry Pond
Oct14_2019_A7R2 (1820)-edit-2
Reflections on Lake Elmore

When you’re heading in, be careful of the questions asked by the border guards. They seem to be looking for any excuse to label you a professional photographer, and then probably not let you through if you don’t have a work permit.

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View from Deer Leap Trail. It says it’s a moderate hike so I went at sunset to scout a location for sunrise. My legs were so tired there was no way I could come back a few hours later for sunrise. Don’t be fooled by “moderate”.
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Tree at a viewpoint above Lake Willoughby
Oct14_2019_A7R2 (415)-edit-2
Jobs Pond sunrise.
Oct14_2019_A7R2 (496)-edit-2
A waterfall I found by accident while on my way to my BnB in Lake Willoughby.

I came in from the north from Quebec (note there is a huge migration of geese in the fall that stop in Lake Champlain and lakes in the south of Quebec). My first stop was an Air BnB at Lake Willoughby. It’s a nice area with some hiking trails around. If you take a short drive east I would recommend a sunrise stop at Jobs Pond; I saw a lot of nice pics from there on the forum (but the weather didn’t cooperate for me). Also east, there’s a restaurant in Island Pond called Jesse’s Little Kitchen; the pizza was amazing (there’s a photo near the bottom), as was the strawberry pie. Highly recommended.

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The back roads just south of the Canadian border
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The back roads just south of the Canadian border
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Not all foliage is fall foliage
Oct14_2019_A7R2 (681)-edit-2
This was a pretty cool find by the side of the road

West of Lake Willoughby I’d recommend exploring some back roads for great photo opportunities. There are also one or two coffee roasters; I didn’t stop in, but found their beans as a grocery store later on and they turned out to be amazing. How can you go wrong with a tasting profile of brown sugar/tangerine/caramel? You can’t.

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Near Jeffersonville
Oct14_2019_A7R2 (728)-edit-2
Just an extremely orange tree framed by green trees.
Oct14_2019_A7R2 (773)-edit-2
In Groton State Forest
Oct14_2019_A7R2 (776)-edit-2
Owl’s Head Lookout in Groton State Forest

Head south through Jeffersonville and you can go through Smuggler’s Notch on your way to Stowe. There was a stuck semi-trailer in the mountain pass, so I had to turn around and go all the way around, but I still saw enough of the drive to highly recommend it. Near the visitor centre there are trees growing on rocks with amazing roots coming down over the rocks. On the other side of where I had to turn around, nearer to Stowe you can find Bingham Falls, which is a nice hike. Keep in mind that one of the Moss Glen Falls is near Stowe and south of Stowe you will find the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory. There were huge line-ups for a factory tour, but you can pass everyone and go to the gift shop where they have a huge selection of flavours for a surprisingly low price for a gift shop. I also got an apple cider doughnut near here, but I found out that those donuts aren’t as strongly flavoured as you might think.

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A unique double beaver dam at Bailey Pond
Oct14_2019_A7R2 (1061)-edit-2
A small waterfall upstream from Bristol Falls (also Bartlett Falls)
Oct14_2019_A7R2 (1090)-edit-2
A small waterfall upstream from Bristol Falls (also Bartlett Falls)
Oct14_2019_A7R2 (1400)-edit-2
Blueberry Pond

Montpelier is quaint little town and is a really nice relaxing base for excursions. I heard someone call it “Mont-pee-lee-er” and in my head I was thinking that I’m pretty sure it sounds more French than that! Don’t miss the Bohemian Bakery, the pastries are amazing and they have kouign-amann, which I’m always on the lookout for. Also, there are a couple of coffee roasters and wineries nearby. Heading east, Groton State Forest has some great spots; stop at the park office and get some great advice and a driving map. They can even tell you which spots might be better at sunrise or sunset. If you continue north from there you’ll get to Cabot, where the largest cheese factory is. Nichol’s Ledge is north of that.

Oct14_2019_A7R2 (1431)-edit-2
A huge door in Montpelier. I got really close and low, using an ultra-wide 15mm lens to make it look even bigger.
Oct14_2019_A7R2 (1589)-HDR-edit-2
A little pond east of Montpelier. I saw it during the day and came back the next morning. I was expecting more epic light with this cloud situation but the mist made up for it.
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Reflections on Lake Elmore
Oct14_2019_A7R2 (1829)-edit-2
Reflections on Lake Elmore

Highway 100 is pretty famous, running north/south on the east side of Green Mountain National Forest. The second Moss Glen Falls is here at Granville and is easily accessible. Head east off of 100 into the back roads for some amazing drives. Head west and you can go through the “gaps” that pass the mountain. There’s one near the north side of the park, Lincoln Gap, and another one further south. The one further south has the poet Robert Frost’s cabin that you can visit (don’t stop at the first house/cabin by the small parking lot, you need to walk past it into the forest for his actual cabin). If you exit on the east side of the gap, you can drive north a short distance to Moss Glen Falls.

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These goats came over to the car, see the pics at the bottom of the post.
Oct14_2019_A7R2 (2078)-edit-2
At the Falls of Lana. The picture doesn’t do this small set of falls justice; one was wide and short and the one closer to the camera was really long.
Oct14_2019_A7R2 (2111)-edit-2
At the Falls of Lana. I never did find the big set of falls here as I arrived late, but I wandered around a bit and found this old tree growing out of the rocks right at sunset. You can see that I was lucky to get a small strip of cloudless sky near the horizon.
Oct14_2019_A7R2 (2316)-HDR-edit-2
I never knew that apple trees grew in such twisty directions. I found an entire grove and spent a while taking photographs, even though the mid-day light wasn’t great.

I spent some time in and around West Rutland but that was as far south as I could get with the time that I had. Rutland was either full or expensive (it’s pretty expensive for hotels during the fall foliage season, so book far in advance or try Air BnB) so I got an Air BnB in West Rutland. Deer Leap Trail was interesting and could have been a great sunrise location but I didn’t think the angle would be correct for a nice composition. But I found that out by checking the viewpoint during sunset the evening before. This worked out because the “moderate” hike to the viewpoint was mostly uphill and left my legs shaking; I don’t think I could have gone back in the morning. West of West Rutland had some interesting little communities and old architecture. Whaleback vineyard is southwest and was an interesting little find. I wasn’t a huge fan of the wines but the pear wine was really good.

Also, I can’t forget to mention, stop in at Jones Donuts in Rutland, huge doughnuts!

Oct14_2019_A7R2 (2362)-edit-2
A tree lined driveway.


Oct14_2019_A7R2 (2418)-edit-2
Sunset on Lake Champlain. The highway goes through a bunch of islands and it’s a little hidden paradise (be sure to stop at the winery).

I then drove north up the west side of Green Mountain National Forest, and then took the highway through the islands on Lake Champlain back to Quebec. Note, if you are trying to bring more than the allowed amount of wine back, find a big border crossing, don’t go through a small one. Speaking of wine, the west side of the Green Mountain National Forest had a bunch of vineyards.

And I’ll finish with a few infrared shots, because what would a burntpixel post be without some infrared?

Oct15_2019_A7 (169)-edit-edit-2
I had never seen a set up like this and thought it looked pretty neat in infrared.
Oct15_2019_A7 (303)-edit-2
A couple different models of Ford Mustangs, just rusting away together in a field.
Oct15_2019_A7 (505)-edit-2
There is a real rural feeling in Vermont, farms and ruined barns all over the place, and old forgotten cars too.


And just some snapshots from the trip:


– Patrick


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