News/Update: Top Ten of 2019

This post actually took much longer to create than I thought it would. 2019 seemed to be a “light” year for photos for me, but when I sat down to pick the top ten I had a lot of trouble since there were so many good (to me) shots. I had a bunch from Japan, Vermont in the fall, Toronto architecture, and just my regular shots from around the area where I live. It was even a surprise to see how many decent abstract fireworks shots I got from the annual international fireworks competition here in Ottawa. I finally got it down to ten, but I included many of the ones that didn’t make it in my usual Honourable Mentions section at the end, and there were many more that were painful to leave out. Anyway, here they are…

Jun26_2019 (869)-edit
An infrared shot of one of the thousand year old wisteria trees near Kumamoto Castle, Japan.
Aug3_2019_A7R2 (644)-edit
Long exposure at the Holocaust memorial in Ottawa, Canada.
Aug26_2019_A7R2 (1472)-edit-edit
A ceiling of a bank in the financial district of Toronto, Canada.
Jun26_2019 (1592)-edit
Infrared panorama of lanterns at a Shinto shrine in Kyushu, Japan.
Aug26_2019_A7R2 (990)-edit-edit
The amazing wooden staircase at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, Canada.
Jun26_2019 (8627)-edit
Meoto Iwa (the “wedded rocks”) off the Ise Peninsula, Japan.
Nov1_2019_A7R2 (26)-edit-edit
Labyrinth in a church in central Ottawa, Canada.
Jun26_2019 (7707)-Pano-edit
Castle panorama at sunset in Himeji, Japan.
Oct14_2019_A7R2 (894)-edit-edit
Autumn sunset in Vermont, United States.
Jun26_2019 (2579)-edit
Long elevator in Osaka, Japan.

And the Honourable Mentions:

– Patrick


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