News/Update: Last post about (two more) magazine publications

I think after this I’ll stop posting about magazine publications. Unless I get something in National Geographic 😉

One was a runner up in the Intentional Camera Movement contest. I just saw this while scrolling through the new issue of the magazine; no notification ahead of time, just a nice surprise.

It was a tricky shot because the exposure is only one second long and I had to pause at the beginning and the end to have the flowers “register” in the photo, while zooming in between pauses. It took me a few tries to get something I liked. As I didn’t have my neutral density filters with me, I had to set my ISO to the extended setting of 50 ISO and also use an aperture of f18. This aperture risks not being as sharp as possible, due to diffraction, but for a shot like this, I didn’t think it mattered too much.


LPM - intentional camera movement


The second shot was taken at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights and it’s in Photolife Magazine. It’s the amazing walkways and all the lines and angles made me try processing it as a black and white image. It’s funny that I usually don’t have people in my shots, and I was trying to get a shot with no people on the walkways but couldn’t manage it as there were too many people there that day. But later I actually liked having the slightly blurred people there, walking on different levels. I have a feeling that the editor might have liked it because of the people.

Apr6_2016_A7R2 (64)-edit-edit

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– Patrick


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