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Just a short post this time. Recently I had three images chosen to be published in a book called Manitoba by Manitoba. This book was created by McNally Robinson, the best bookstore (in my opinion) in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It’s nice that a local business gave an opportunity to local photographers to represent their home. In addition, proceeds from the book go toward a conservation group focusing on Lake Winnipeg, which is experiencing the negative effects of being near human populations. If you wish to support the cause, the book can be found here.

Anyway, these were the three images that were chosen:

Apr17_2017_A7R2 (275)-edit-edit-edit
One of the animal petroforms (a turtle in this case) at a sacred first nations site in Whiteshell Provincial Park. Some of the forms are thought to be prehistoric, and the site is still currently used for spiritual ceremonies.
Some of the tens of thousands of snakes coming out of their winter hibernation at Narcisse. I believe this is the largest gathering of snakes in the world.
Nov13_2016_A7R2 (623)-Pano-edit-edit-edit-edit
A stitched panorama of a huge limestone crevice (about 6 meters high) at Pine Dock.

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– Patrick


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