News/Update: Top Ten of 2018

It took me a bit of extra time to go through my shots from the year to put together a top ten. As per usual, I had trouble narrowing things down, so there are some honourable mentions at the bottom. As usual, these are all single images (except for the stitched panoramas) with no exposure blending in Photoshop, just basic Lightroom edits.

Dec22_2018_M10 (211)-edit-edit-edit
The giant “live oak” trees at Oak Alley Plantation outside of New Orleans. A perfect subject for infrared photography.
Jan7_2018_M3 (23)-edit-edit
A staircase at McGill University in Montreal. It was about -30 degrees Celsius and it would have been nice to stay inside, but I was determined to get to the university for some photography.
July14_2018_A7R2 (835)-edit
Sunset at Bonnechere Falls, about an hour west of Ottawa, Ontario.
July14_2018_A7R2 (58)-edit
The amazing architecture at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Quebec during the blue hour. It was a close choice between this photo and one of the entrance, which looks like a U.F.O.
July14_2018_A7R2 (652)-edit
The Carbide Wilson ruins in Gatineau Park, Quebec. About as close as you can get to a mysterious old castle ruin without having to fly to Europe.
July15_2018_M10 (190)-Pano-edit-edit-2
A huge tree conveniently located on a gentle slope, which allows for good isolation from the background. About an hour west of Ottawa; I wish it was closer to my home as I’d like to return here in different weather conditions. This is a stitched infrared panorama.
Mar17_2018_M3 (252)-edit-edit
St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. It was a choice between this shot and a vertical one, but this one had more impact. This was the widest lens I had with me (about 18mm) and I still could have gone wider, the place is huge. I was able to get a few shots with my tripod before I was told it wasn’t allowed. At least I got a few with a sharp aperture and a nice low ISO.
Mar17_2018_M3 (438)-edit-Pano-edit-edit-edit
Manhattan during the blue hour, taken from the New Jersey side as the city lights were coming on. There were some waves and some boat traffic so I used long exposures to get smooth water. This ended up being 135 megapixels!
Oct14_2018_A7R2 (817)-edit
A couple in a canoe in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario in autumn. I was too late to hike to the viewpoint I was planning to shoot from, but I decided to hike a little bit and found this lake reflection about half a kilometer from the parking area.
Oct14_2018_A7R2 (913)-edit
Autumn in Silent Lake Provincial Park, Ontario. The raised area in the centre had gotten covered with leaves an it was exactly the type of thing I was looking for to convey the beauty of the park during the height of its fall colour season.

Honourable Mentions:

Aug2_2018_A7R2 (59)-edit
Hogg’s Back Falls in Ottawa, Ontario.
Aug18_2018_6D (31)-edit
A close-up of some fireworks during the international fireworks competition in Ottawa, Ontario.
Aug24_2018_A7R2 (558)-edit
A spiral staircase in the old courthouse of Brockville, Ontario.
Sept2_2018_M6 (152)-edit
Abstract from horizontal camera panning during sunrise at Matlock, Manitoba.
Sept3_2018_M10 (48)-edit-edit
An infrared shot of an old 1930’s Ford with barns in the background, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Sept15_2018_A7R2 (58)-edit
A female mallard duck keeping an eye out for food at Hogg’s Back Falls in Ottawa, Ontario. She was moving around a lot and I had to take many shots in order to get a long exposure of the water movement but also have her standing still at the same time.

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– Patrick

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