Travel: Florence Panorama

I thought I would share this shot as I was pretty happy with it. It’s an eight shot panorama taken from the viewpoint at Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence. Actually it was ten shots but I decided that I didn’t need some of the right side. I actually wish I would have done an extra shot on the left side to give the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge a bit more breathing room. But I might not have done that because there were people to my left, I can’t remember.

I’ll try to post a panorama tutorial as my next post.

This photo turned out to be 52 megapixels, which isn’t much of an increase considering that my camera on the trip was 24 megapixels. I had a lot of overlap though and I shot in a horizontal orientation. I realized the importance of doing horizontal panoramas with the camera in a vertical position; it gives you more resolution, which is important if you want to print it out.

I shot this with the camera horizontal, which means the the limit of the height is 4000 pixels (a 24 megapixel camera is generally 4000 x 6000 pixels) and that corresponds to only have 52 megapixels in the finished product. If I had shot vertically, I could have made the exact same shot, but the height would have been 6000 pixels and the final product would have been about 50% larger, so about 78 megapixels. But, with 4000 pixels I could probably get away with a 24 inch high print, which would give me about 165 dpi (dots per inch). Actually, I could probably get away with even larger; I’ve printed at a lower resolution before and it turned out ok.

Anyway, enough technical talk. If you’re in Florence you should try to stop off here for the view. It’s only a short bus ride and, yes, it’s covered in tourists, but the photography possibilities make it worth it.

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– Patrick


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