Travel: Favourite Italy Images

This has spiralled out of control.

First I was going to do a top ten of 2017 including Italy, but I couldn’t exclude enough when combined with non-Italy photos. So I was going to do a top ten for everything else and a separate top ten for Italy. Now I have too many for a top ten from Italy and I can’t narrow them down. So I’ll just have to do a tentative top ten and include the others as (a lot of) honourable mentions!

Sort of a top ten:

Aug8_2017_M3 (31)-edit
Giudecca Island, Venice


Aug8_2017_M3 (1377)-edit
Manarola, Cinque Terre


Aug8_2017_M3 (2216)-HDR-edit
Courtyard in Rome


Aug8_2017_M3 (916)-edit
Bridge of Sighs with gondolas, Venice


Aug8_2017_M3 (308)-edit
Building reflections, Venice


Aug8_2017_M3 (2838)-edit
Uffizi gallery, Florence


Aug8_2017_M3 (3876)-edit
City skyline of Florence


Aug8_2017_M3 (4414)-edit
Torre del Mangia, Siena


Aug8_2017_M3 (3806)-edit
Sunset over the Ponte Vecchio, Florence


Aug8_2017_M3 (1031)-HDR-edit
Sunset in Venice


A lot of honourable mentions:




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– Patrick

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