News/Update: Top Ten of 2017

Just in time for the end of the year I’ve been able to go through my shots from the year to put together a top ten. As per usual, I had trouble narrowing things down, so there are some honourable mentions. There are no shots from my Italy trip this summer; I’ll post a top ten from there in the new year. Anyway, here they are…

Jan22_2017_A7R2 (40)-edit-edit
The dome of the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg, Canada. I had been here many many times but I hadn’t thought of this shot before. It wasn’t possible to get under the centre of the dome exactly because there is a large opening in the floor I was standing on which allows people on the lowest level to look all the way up to the dome.


Sept26_2017_A7R2 (3)-edit-2-edit-edit
Rideau Falls in Ottawa, Canada. I had taken a few shots showing Gatineau, Quebec across the river in the background but my favourite shot ended up being this close-up shot.



Mar19_2017_M3 (326)-edit
This is at the original Bank of Montreal in Montreal, Canada. I spent a while shooting here trying to make sure I was under the exact centre; I think the security guard was starting to wonder if I was there for some other purpose. Photo tip: if you’re going to try to do a symmetric architecture shot you need to make sure you’re exactly centred, it’s almost impossible to fix in editing.


Apr9_2017_A7R2 (347)-edit
A tree silhouette on the snow covered Manitoba prairie. I believe this was one of my first outings with the new Voigtlander 15mm lens, which is spectacular. Although it’s sharp, it was tricky trying to find the correct focal point to get everything sharp, since the snow in the foreground is only inches from the lens.


Jan22_2017_A7R2 (26)-Pano-edit-edit
The Pool of the Black Star on the lower level of the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg, Canada. Do not miss this building if you’re touring around Winnipeg, it’s amazing. If I remember correctly, this is an 11 shot panorama. The hole in the floor that I referred to in the first photo of this series is the hole you can see in the ceiling of this lower floor, which provides a view all the way up to the dome.


Oct16_2017_A7R2 (159)-HDR-edit
A bench under a massive tree at sunrise creates a peaceful scene in the Arboretum in Ottawa, Canada. I’ll need to go back here next summer to get a shot that truly gives an idea of how big this tree is; it must be about 30 meters (or more) across!



Oct16_2017_A7R2 (1069)-edit
The view skyward from inside the Willson-Carbide ruins in Gatineau Park, Quebec. Just outside this building there is a powerful waterfall, which creates a lot of photo opportunities with this ruin in the remote forest.


Apr17_2017_A7R2 (12)-edit
Here is the ice slowly melting on Lake Winnipeg, Canada. I remember walking around for quite a while trying to find a composition I liked. The sun had almost set by the time I found this ice ridge, and I was able to get a shot with a little bit of light still hitting the front of the ridge.


Sept26_2017_A7R2 (186)-edit-2
The atrium at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Canada. I believe they change the item at the top from time to time. This is a giant balloon that looks like some sort of alien at the top, while it probably represent a microscopic entity of some sort. Tip: many of the national museums in Ottawa are free on Thursday evenings.


Jun1_2017_A7R2 (171)-edit 2-edit-2
Ice on Lake Winnipeg at Winnipeg Beach, Canada. I was fairly disappointed this morning as the ice formations I was hoping to photograph were all gone. I saw this small patch of ice and when I went over to it I found this little space with a bunch of icicles hanging from the top.


And here are the honourable mentions:


Oct16_2017_A7R2 (1146)-edit
Sunset at Champlain lookout in Gatineau Park, Quebec. They had abnormal weather during the summer here, so the fall colours weren’t as spectacular as usual, but, the nice sunset more than made up for it.


Sept11_2017_M3 (228)-edit-2
This is a small waterfall found on the road near Petrie Island Park. I had to do a lot of waiting here as there were tourists/hikers coming by all the time and getting into the shot.


Sept26_2017_A7R2 (94)-edit-2
Another shot at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Canada. I liked this shot as it looks completely alien.


Mar19_2017_M3 (267)-edit
Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal, Canada. This was an oasis of warmth after a blizzard when through the city.


Oct16_2017_A7R2 (997)-Pano-edit
This is another shot of the Willson-Carbide ruins in Gatineau Park, Quebec. I didn’t get the sky I wanted but I still liked the way this panorama turned out.


Sept27_2017_M3 (94)-edit-2
A detail of the intricate metal work surrounding the main room of the Ismaili Imamat building in Ottawa, Canada. The ceiling is made completely of glass panels and as the clouds moved past the sun there were small rays of light like this one moving through the room.


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– Patrick

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