News: Canadian Geographic Again

The photo in question was one that I entered into the annual Canadian Geographic contest in 2016. It’s the bridge near the human rights museum (which you can see on the left side of the photo) and The Forks, in Winnipeg, taken from the St. Boniface side of the river. I didn’t win with this photo (but I was a finalist with a different photo, which you can see in an earlier blog post) but they have since contacted me asking if they can use it in a geography quiz that they will be running soon. The compensation is a photo credit and they will send me a copy of the page for my portfolio. I know I said I wouldn’t say yes again without getting payment…but I said yes. There must be tight budget in the print media world.

I had decided to not add any photos to the photo club as the terms and conditions said something like they can use any photo forever, without any compensation to the photographer. If that wasn’t the case I would probably be more active there. However, each time they have wanted a photo they have written to me asking for a higher resolution file. Except one time when they used one in an article without telling me.

Anyway, I digress. Here is the photo, and I will try to go through the photos from my summer trip to Italy and write again soon:




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– Patrick

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