News: Instagram…Finally

I’ve finally gotten around to figuring out Instagram. I was more than happy with Flickr and my website but it seemed that Instagram is the popular spot now. So in the interest of getting my photos “out there” rather than just sitting on my hard drive, I decided to give it a try.

I tried a couple months ago but found out that you can’t post from a computer; it’s for cell phone pictures only. I wasn’t sure how there were so many pro shots on there from non-cell phone cameras. After searching the internet for a while I had other things to do and had to give up. When I decided to give it another try I was going to download the app to my phone through wifi (I don’t have data on my phone, and don’t really want to either, to be honest), email the photos to myself from my computer, download them onto my phone, then try to upload them to Instagram.

But, I found a website that showed how to upload from a computer. There were various options for various browsers, but the browser I use (Firefox) was a complicated one. I knew I had Internet Explorer somewhere on my computer and followed those instructions. It turns out that all you have to do is hit F12 (to get to developer mode), select the mobile mode, and then start posting. Perfect.

I now have a small following and will be trying to post an image or two every few days. Here are some that I did recently:




I post to the blog about once a month, so if you want to get an alert when there’s a new post just scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Follow button.

– Patrick

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