News/Update: Top Ten of 2015

As per usual, all shots are a single exposure, no blending with Photoshop. The only one that is multiple exposures is the panorama near the end.

I should just switch to a top 15 list since I have trouble getting rid of the last few every time! I’m including some as honourable mentions.


A building in the exchange district of Winnipeg, Manitoba. I contacted a person whose name I found on the internet and was able to get permission to photograph here. It had to be during the daytime though, so I had to go on my lunch hour with all of my gear.


I’m always asked about the lighting in this one. It’s a long exposure and I was using a handheld flash. I lit the side of the truck with a single flash, then ran into the shot and did a single flash at each headlight while aiming it at the camera.


A long exposure of the grain elevator at the ghost town of Bents, Saskatchewan. I was on my way here the day before but got stuck in some aggressive mud. While I was waiting for CAA to come and save me I watched one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen play out. I got here the next day and while the sunset wasn’t as good it was actually not too bad.


A close up of ice while shooting the sunrise on Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba. Spring is a good time to go out shooting on the large lake, because the regular melting and freezing creates some interesting ice patterns.


A double rainbow in rural Manitoba. I was on my way to make another attempt at my infamous wave photo (I’ve been out about 8 times trying to get a wave photo on Lake Winnipeg but the weather doesn’t cooperate or the photo isn’t what I want) and saw this on the side of the road. I pulled over and got a few shots. I was lucky to be beside some picturesque hay bales.


The Manitoba legislative building, with downtown Winnipeg in the background. This was taken from a friend’s balcony; everyone is jealous of his view. My friend got a 40×60 inch print of this shot and it looks amazing. The apartment building ended up licencing a couple of shots from that night and this photo also appears in a Canadian Geographic article online.


Boulder Bay on Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba. I love shooting on the lake during the spring melt, you can find cracks and ice patterns and all sorts of other things. There was a loud bang while I was standing over this crack, it was a bit nerve wracking. I’ve been up to the lake twice so far this spring but haven’t been able to get anything interesting yet.


Aurora near Libau, Manitoba. This was taken on the way back from one of my infamous attempts to get a wave photograph on Lake Winnipeg. I shot sunset at the lake with a couple of friends and on the way back one of them notice the northern lights. What a great coincidence that we had all our camera gear! This was one of the more amazing displays I’ve seen. This was featured as the Photo of the Day in Landscape Photography Magazine.


Tractor and grain elevator at the ghost town of Bents, Saskatchewan. Strangely, this shot has bit of an HDR look in the clouds, but it’s a single exposure; and the HDR shots that I tried have clouds that don’t look like HDR. Go figure.


The Pool of the Black Star at the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This is a stitched panorama that took many attempts at stitching. Eventually I left out two of the shots and it worked. If you look up through the hole in the ceiling you have an unobstructed view right up to the huge dome of the building.


Honourable Mentions:

Just because I can never narrow it down to just ten.


Tree silhouette near St. Francis Xavier, Manitoba. I might never be able to find this tree again. A friend and I were out shooting and were struggling to find a nice subject in time for the sunset. We ended up finding this tree and I liked how the overhanging branch seems to embrace the sunset.


Somewhere in Saskatchewan. I took this on the way to Grasslands National Park. It was a terrible time to be shooting as it was the middle of the day. There were a few old cars here but I wasn’t happy with anything I was getting, except for this shot. If you look closely you’ll see that it’s a raspberry bush growing inside the car.


Steeprock, Manitoba. I like the simplicity of this shot and the calm feeling it conveys. I have another shot with the little island in the centre of the frame, but I like this one better as the rock formation leads the eye out to the island.


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– Patrick

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