News/Update: Top Ten of 2016

Somehow there’s a lot of green in this set, so I’ll try to space the green shots out a little bit. I’m posting 2016 since I was just going through them and adding them to When I have time I’ll try to do earlier years; a bit backwards but that’s ok. All of the shots are a single exposure, except for the rock crevice panorama.

I get tired just thinking about the amount of driving and lack of sleep that it took to get these photos, but I would do it all over again. Well, most of it anyway 😉


Apr26_2016_A7R2 (1704)-edit-edit
The ancient standing stones of Callanish under moonlight on the isle of Lewis, Scotland. The sunset was great and I kept shooting well after the other tourists/photographers had left. I saw the full moon and incorporated it into this shot, using a flashlight to light the central stone.


Nov13_2016_A7R2 (623)-Pano-edit-edit-edit
A multi-shot panorama of the amazing rock crevice at Pine Dock, Manitoba. It’s about a three hour drive from Winnipeg and you have to have a guide or know where to find them. There are lots of other crevices and caves in the area, a very unique spot in Manitoba.


A beautiful beach on the isle of North Uist, Scotland. When I got Lochmaddy, the main town on North Uist, I found out that there was nowhere for me to rent a car. I was staying at the Redburn House (awesome place by the way, highly recommended) and the owners graciously offered to drive me around. That’s island hospitality for you!


Sept29_2016_A7R2 (181)-edit-edit-edit
Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba. You can see the Big Dipper just to the upper right of the centre. The unfortunate thing about northern lights is that they don’t respect your work schedule. When you see that the lights are going to be strong and the weather is clear you pretty much have to go. It was a long day at work the next day, but thankfully there’s coffee around to help out.


Aug3_2016_XS (69)-edit-edit-edit-edit
An infrared shot of an old wreck behind the ruin of an old stone church. Southwestern Manitoba. A short while after this I had to run back to the car because nearby lightning strikes were getting a bit too close for comfort. I shot the lightning from the car for a while but got hit with really aggressive weather. I was nervous while trying to get back to my hotel (or at least a main road) because tornadoes are frequent in this area. I saw on the news that one had gone through here just two days after I had driven back to Winnipeg.


Jul17_2016_A7R2 (460)-edit-edit
Goat’s Beards near Dauphin, Manitoba. I had photographed a field of these the year before. I wasn’t happy with the shots so I returned the next day but all the flowers were damaged or completely gone. I went back and found that the group I had shot the year before weren’t there, but I found this patch nearby. I have a vertical shot of these too, but I’m starting to like the square format.


Aug1_2016_A7R2 (116)-edit-edit
An old abandoned car in southwestern Manitoba. I’m always on the lookout for something like this, a tree growing out of the car, but they’re hard to find. This was pretty exciting. This is a single shot, but I also did some focus stacking shots which I haven’t tried processing yet, but this one has pretty good sharpness from front to back.


Dec6_2016_M3 (88)-HDR-edit-edit
The ceiling of Notre Dame Basilica in Ottawa, Ontario. I only had a few minutes to get this shot and lining it up took most of that time; if you’re going to do a symmetric shot it needs to be perfectly aligned, otherwise you should so something angled and use the rule of thirds. I shot this with my little Canon M3 travel camera (and a travel tripod).


Aug12_2016_A7R2 (60)-edit-edit
Northern lights over an old abandoned house near Beausejour, Manitoba. I have a horizontal shot with light in the doorway from this night as well, but I’m leaning toward the vertical shot as my preference. To get the light I set the self-timer, ran into the house, and triggered a hand-held flash after I heard the exposure start.


Apr26_2016_A7R2 (2246)-edit-edit
Innischonnel Castle, Scotland. Also called Ardchonnel, located on an island in Loch Awe. I haven’t been able to get out to the island to explore the castle; it would be a very untouristed spot and an amazing experience. Maybe next time (I’m not sure how though, maybe I’ll ask around in the area). The road that follows the shore of the loch is an amazing drive too, well worth the trip.


Honourable Mention

Why? Because I had trouble trimming things down to just 10 photos.

Sept17_2016_M3 (61)-edit-edit
One of the chandeliers in the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg. I don’t know why but I like the near abstract quality and symmetry of this shot.


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– Patrick


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