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Here’s another recent news/update post in order to get some content onto the new blog. It’s another Canadian Geographic story, but this will be the last one for a while.

This is a photo of an old house near Beausejour, Manitoba and I remember how tired I was at work the next day; when there’s a northern lights forecast and the skies are clear you have to make some sacrifices. This was chosen as a finalist in the Canadian Geographic annual photo contest. It was entered in the Exploration category as it didn’t really fit any of the other categories. I told my girlfriend “watch, the winners will all have people in them.” Sure enough, that’s what happened. Anyway…

Another cautionary tale though. I was contacted by them to tell me I was a finalist and to send them the full resolution image. Before sending it in, I noticed a star right beside the roof of the house that was distracting, so I removed it with a single click of the healing brush in Lightroom. I sent it in and noted that I had removed the star, so it was slightly different, and if it would be an issue they should let me know because I would immediately send the original if that were the case. Kind of a stupid mistake, since the entry should not be modified in any way. The next morning I was told I didn’t win. The news was so quick that I emailed the contact person to ask if the modification was the reason. She told me that it wasn’t and that they don’t use the full resolution photos for the judging anyway, just the low resolution ones that are initially sent in. It made me wonder why they needed the full resolution image when it wasn’t used for judging and I didn’t win. The fact that they waited until just after I had sent it in to tell me that it wasn’t a winner left a bad taste in my mouth; it seemed like an “image grab” to me. That is all I will say.

For those that are interested in the lighting in the image, this is from a single RAW image. I set the self-timer to ten seconds, ran into the building, and triggered a handheld flash after I heard the exposure start.


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– Patrick

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