News/Update: Possible Calendar Shot

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a Canadian Geographic photo editor to see if they could use this shot of Pisew Falls, Manitoba in a 2018 calendar based on Canada; my name would be featured and I would receive a copy of the calendar for free. So basically they were asking to use the photo for free. I said yes, after confirming that if I sent them the full sized image that it would only be used for the 2018 calendar (there’s still a possibility that it won’t be used, as they mentioned it must still be “selected”).

It was a tough decision, since giving away photos for free (or for a minimal amount) hurts all other photographers, but I knew that if I said no they would just find someone else. I asked if they would at least include my website ( beside my name and they said yes. I decided that I would do it for free one time as it would be neat to have a photo in a national calendar, and I would be able to determine the benefit to my website traffic.

It was a past contest entry and they must have found it from a keyword search for Manitoba. Again, a cautionary tale about uploading photos to websites. The contact person mentioned that she saw it in the photo club but it must have been from a contest since I’ve never uploaded anything to the club; if I recall correctly, photos uploaded to the photo club can be used by the company for anything they want, forever, with no compensation to the photographer. Hence why I don’t upload anything to the club. I think they would have a more vibrant club if they did away with this stipulation. I suppose a person could simply upload low resolution photos to the club, although those would still be usable online since computer monitors don’t need a very resolution.


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– Patrick

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