News/Update: First Blog Post

Finally, the start of my photography blog. I’d like to say I’ve been too busy to start this but in reality I’ve just been procrastinating. After spending the hours it took to figure out the software for creating my webpage ( I didn’t really relish the thought of having to learn another program, along with all of the seemingly endless quirks that every software program has and frustrates me with its lack of user-friendliness. So far it hasn’t been too bad with WordPress. Anyway…

I’m going to attempt to post once per month, as I find it a bit daunting when I go to a blog and find hundreds or even thousands of posts; I’d never be able to read through all of it and it would take a long time to just read through article titles! Plus, once a month seems manageable.

Content will be news/updates, gear reviews, photography tips, travel tips, things I’ve learned, or even country profiles from places that I’ve travelled to. Just to get some content going, I’m going to start with a few news articles of things that have happened to me recently. So, on to the first post regarding the feature photo…

This is a shot I took from a friend’s balcony, he’s got a nice view of the Manitoba Legislative Building and the downtown of Winnipeg. I entered this in the Canadian Geographic annual photo contest but it was not chosen. A few weeks later I did a google search and found my photo being used in a Canadian Geographic article about Canadian cities. Whenever I enter a contest I read the terms and conditions very closely and I suggest you do the same. I knew that the terms were fairly wide ranging but I took the risk in order to potentially win the contest and/or get published in Canadian Geographic. I suppose in some sense I have been published (I think it’s only on their website though), but without being notified and not giving permission (although I indirectly did when agreeing to the contest) it felt a little bit like my photo was stolen, particularly without compensation for use of the image. So this is a bit of a cautionary tale that when the terms of a contest may say they can use your image for anything, whenever they want, with no compensation…it actually happens.


I post to the blog about once a month, so if you want to get an alert when there’s a new post just scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Follow button.

– Patrick

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